2011 - (background picture of our hosts at Jamaica Beach RV Park (Dora, Ron & grandchildren on the right) & Tom & Gail on the left/Tom made it possible for me to see the sites by helping me with the wheel chair.  Dora set it all up so I could go.  Wonderful folks).  I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Picture taken in front of the Baptist Church downtown Galveston.

Hot Springs Arkansas:

Jackson Mississippi:

Galveston Island Texas: Jamaica Beach RV/Dickens on the Strand/Dickens parade/Popcorn Saga/Civil War/Al & Fran's tiny home (Nov 14 - Dec 14)

Rio Grand Valley Texas: Christmas lights/Al & Fran's tiny home (Dec 14 2011- Feb 14 2012)

Austin TX

Kerrville TX

Touring the USA