Al & Fran's Travels 1970-1979

David & Stephie spotted their Dad for the first time in 7 months at Honolulu Airport HI  June 5 1970

Stephanie & David Waiting for the bus at Hilo Airport HI June 5 1970

June 5 1970 Buna TX/Vietnam to Hawaii for Rest & Recuperation (one week) Al returned to Vietnam

Koloa Military Camp just out of Kilo and Koloa Volcano erupting on the big island of Hawaii June 6 1970


June 11 1970 Fran, Stephie & Dave from Kilo to Pearl Harbor for a week with friends and a tour of Oahu.

Honolulu,                              Waikiki beach,                         Fountain just off beach

Beach on the way,                     Diamond head in the distance,                 Diamond Head

Navy Housing,                                 Pearl Harbor,                             USS Arizona Memorial


June 17 1970 Fran and Children from Hawaii to (home) Buna TX.

Easter Dave, Fran, Stephie                Christmas Dave, Stephie, Brian & Mike (baby)                    St Petersburg Dave, Grandpa Bert, Stephie & Fran


1970 after Daddy came home.  Transferred to RI took 3 months to find a place for us to live.  Our home got snowed in in TN and we lived in guest housing for a month until it got there.  Set it up in a blizzard.

Stephie, Fran & Davie on the way to the Airport (Beaumont TX to RI)

Jan 1 1971 Buna TX to Quonset Point RI.

Stephie, Al, Fran & Davie


1971-72 1969-Chevrolet Z28 Camero, E Modified Dragster (set a new track record at English Town NJ)

1972 Quonset Point RI



April 1972 Quonset Point RI to Newport RI


Cape Cod style home on the Sakonnet River: rear, front, side view summer/winter

Stephanie & David playing with Windy in the snow.

1972-1974 Newport RI

Trip to Mom's

Mike, Brian & Aunt Frances at brother John's house



July 1971-74 Quonset Point RI & Newport RI - fishing & sailing in Narragansett Bay W. of Newport



Sailing in Narragansett Bay/Narragansett Bay (W. of Newport),

Sakonnet River (E. of Newport),

Mt Hope Bay (N. of Newport),

RI Sound (S. of Newport)

Sunset over the North Atlantic,


Cuttyhunk Harbor Nantucket Island MA

North Atlantic, Fishing village on Martha's Vineyard


August 1974 From Newport RI to Homosassa Springs FL to Tampa FL to St Petersburg FL to Nederland TX

Homosassa Springs FL petting zoo

Bush Gardens Zoo Tampa FL


Aug 1974 Newport RI to Livingston TX