A Glimpse of Heaven by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy

God gave ma a glimpse of Heaven many years ago (Nov 1993) and itís so wonderful there are no words to explain it.  Other people have seen houses; but I didnít. 

I saw nature and noticed that even the water is alive Ė It is so crystal clear and blue that it is breath taking.  I was riding on the bow of a sailboat and it was so serene.  Majestic waterfalls, lakes and streams are serene and make a gentle soothing music of itís own.  At one point I was under the water.  It was warm, I could breath in the water and it made me feel totally secure.  I felt like nothing could harm me there.

You think flowers are pretty here Ė wait until you see the ones in heaven.  Brilliant colors and the aroma is amazing.   They never die even if you step on them.  They actually sing.  Can you imagine dancing through a carpet of flowers that are providing the music you are dancing to? 

Then I was flying over a mountain, down the side and into a valley.  No air plane, just me.  The mountains were covered with all kinds of trees, grass and flowers.  There were no bare spots.  And the colors were so clean, bright and vibrant.  Rolling hills in Heaven put the ones here to shame and the trees make the ones on earth look scrawny.

The feeling of freedom makes the freedoms we have on earth feel like we are in jail.  Our bodies are limited here but not in heaven.  We are free from this skin and bones.  We have a body but it does not trap us. 

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