AL By: Frances M. McCrory-Meservy March 1, 1944 - April 1965

Al was born Willard Albert Meservy on March 1, 1944 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. His parents were Harry Edward Meservy and Luanne James. They separated when Al was 3 years old, his sister Sheila Ann was 4 and his younger brother Larry Dean was 1.

Alís first memory was sitting at the top of the stairs listening to his Dad and Stepmother arguing. She gave his Dad a choice: "either the kids go or I go." His Dad chose his new wife.

Al took his first train trip from Detroit, Michigan to his Grandparent's home in St. Petersburg, Florida at age 7. He was in charge and was responsible for his Sister (age 8), his brother (age 6) and the money.

There was no welfare system back then. Each time his Mom got married, she got her kids back. Each time she got a divorce, the kids went to foster homes, grandparents, or to an orphanage.

His most stable years were when his Mom was married to Harry Chernesky. He treated the kids as if they were his own & he is who Al remembers as Dad.

A few times in Al's life, he was allowed to be a child. But, by then he didn't know how. He was mostly and old man in a child's body. After he had children of his own, he learned how to be a child. After he had grandchildren, he preferred being a child. After he learned how to be a child, he was lighthearted and more fun.

Al's Mom took the kids to all kinds of churches. He decided all the churches were messed up. By the time he was 8 years old, he decided that if he just hung onto John 3:16 he would be ok. He eventually decided there was probably no God.

His Mom claimed to be Jehovah Witness so she didn't have to buy presents or celebrate Christmas and birthdays. She couldn't afford it so this made a great out.

Al went to work as a dishwasher in a Swedish restaurant that seated one thousand people when he was 14. He gave all his money to his Mom so the family could stay together. He quit school at the end of 10th grade because he failed English and didn't see how he could work and pass.

Al joined the Air force when he was 17. He went to boot camp in Texas. He was a crew chief (mechanic) for F100 aircraft. Mostly he was stationed in Lake Heath, England.

Al moved in with his Grandparents in St. Petersburg, Florida for a while & then moved to Beaumont, Texas in 1964. He lived in a house downtown for a while, moved into the YMCA for a while & finally he and a friend, Ray, moved into a duplex.

Background picture: Al's Father (Harry), his Mother (Lou) and pictures of Al from birth to age 17 taken by his Grandfather (Albert Oliver James) & US Air-force picture taken from 1944-1961

Background music: "Looking For Space" by John Denver from CD "Windsong"

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