Grilled Ground Chuck

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1 lb.     Ground Chuck (pre-formed patties or bulk)




Fire up the grill about 10 to 15 minutes before you want to put the meat on.

Season patties and put on grill (charcoal, Gas or in the Kitchen). Cook until golden brown (about 3 Minutes).

Turn over and cook until other side is golden brown. Try to cook all the way through; but donít cook until itís dry.

Outdoor grilling is good because the fat in chuck falls away from the meat. In a fry pan it sits in the fat as it cooks. Serves 4 Ė 6

Serve as a

Burger on a bun

With your favorite fixings

Lettuce, Tomato, sliced pickle

Cheese and/or bacon

Serve with

Baked Potato, French Fries or Potato Salad

Your favorite Beans

Salad or cut up Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Iced Tea, Milk or Soda


Ground Chuck         A, B 3, B 12, Zinc, Iron, Protein

Garlic                     diallyl Disulfide, S-allylcysteine, Sulfur Compounds

If you grill over charcoal it is recommended that you eat a baked potato (Microwave) skin and all to counter the carcinogens caused by the smoke (true with all smoked meat). Our ancestors should have died in their 30s from all that smoked meat they ate (no refrigeration, electricity, etc.). The smokehouse was a mainstay and an important way to preserve meat. Most of my ancestors lived into their late 80s or late 90s. One Great Grand Aunt lived to be 118 years old. Who knows maybe they didnít eat the meat or maybe they ate the meat and baked potato, skin and all? Could be why they were called Meat & Potato Men.


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