Diet Tip

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If you put your meal in a small (salad) plate instead of a large (dinner) plate, you will feel like you are eating more. The same omelet shown above would fill up less than half a dinner plate. Empty spaces beg to be filled – that’s human nature.

Western Omelet

2 large         Eggs                                               

1 Tblsp.       Onions, chopped

1 Tblsp.       Bell Peppers, Chopped                 

1 Tblsp.       Mushrooms



3 slices       Cheddar Cheese                                                


Spray 8-inch fry pan and set on medium heat (7). Put all ingredients except cheese in a small bowl. Beat with a whisk till eggs are beaten. Spread evenly in pan and cook until ¾ done. Add cheese. Turn half of mixture over cheese. Cook about a minute. Turn over on other side and cook another minute. (Option: Put omelet on plate and cover with sliced salted tomatoes.) Serves 1 or 2

Serve with:


Bacon, ham, pan sausage or sausage links

Orange juice, Milk and/or coffee


Eggs                        A, B 6, B 12, D, Zinc, Protein

Onions                    A, B 9, C, Flavonoids, Quercetin, Sulfur Compounds

Bell Peppers             Magnesium, Beta Carotene, C

Mushrooms              Potassium, Niacin, Riboflavin

Cheddar Cheese       A, B 12, Calcium, Protein

Tomatoes                Potassium, C


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