Dusty's Breakfast Chorizo Taco

US Copy write # TXu 1-354-553

1             Chorizo sausage per person
2             eggs per person
1             small onion diced
1             bell pepper diced
1/2          jalapeño pepper diced (remove seeds for mild) optional
10           Taco shells
               Picante sauce as needed (mild, medium or hot)

Brown sausage, sauté onion and bell pepper& Jalapeno in skillet.  Add eggs and scramble into mix. Add Picante sauce to mix - just enough for flavor but not enough to be runny.  Lay tortillas on pan until hot. shape into taco shell and put on plate. Divide mixture into tacos.  Add Mexican blend (or Monterey jack or cheddar) grated cheese

This is the recipe Dusty used. It was very good. He used mild sauce because Al does not like a lot of heat and just added jalapeño peppers (no seeds) to mine.


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