Heavenly Hash

US Copy write # TXu 1-354-553

1 stick            Butter                                   

1 Tbsp            Olive Oil

½ med.           Onion (diced)                        

¼                   Bell Pepper (diced)

½ can             Mushrooms (drained)

6 XL                Eggs                                      

1 Tbsp            Milk


                       Black Pepper

½ cup              Grated cheddar cheese       

3 patties          Cooked Sage Sausage (chopped up)

5 small             Red potatoes (sliced & quartered)

Heat stick of margarine in large skillet on medium high (7). Put potatoes in butter, salt and pepper cover with lid & brown on one side. Turn potatoes over. Add onions and bell peppers and sauté’ as potatoes brown on the other side (cover with lid). When potatoes are almost done, add sage sausage, stir and cover to heat (about 1 minute). Add eggs, milk and mushrooms (whipped together as if making scrambled eggs/salted & peppered) and stir constantly until almost done. Add cheddar cheese and stir constantly until melted. Serves 3 to 6

Serve With:

Toast or Biscuits

Milk, Water, Coffee or Tea


Margarine        Calcium, Selenium, A, B 12, D, Protein

Bell Pepper      Magnesium, Beta Carotene, C

Onion              A, B 9, C, Flavonoids, Quercetin, Sulfur Compounds

Mushrooms      Potassium, Niacin, Riboflavin

Eggs                A, B 6, B 12, D, Zinc, Protein

Milk                 A, B 12, D, Calcium, Selenium, Protein

Cheese             A, B 12, Calcium, Protein

Sausage            B 1, B 2, B 3, B 5, Zinc, Iron

Potatoes           B 9, Potassium, C, Fiber, Chlorogenic Acid

I call it heavenly because God gave me this recipe 8/5/2005


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by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy