Poached Eggs

US Copy write # TXu 1-354-553

Egg Poacher Oster Electric Poacher or top of stove, insert in 10-inch fry pan

4 lg.         Eggs





Spray egg cups with Pam.

Electric: Put water (about a tablespoon full) in base; put eggs in egg cups; salt and pepper eggs; put lid on poacher and turn on. When red light goes out, remove eggs with spoon onto plate.

Top of stove & fry pan insert: Put water (about cup) in bottom; bring water to a boil; put eggs in egg cups; Salt and pepper eggs and cover. Let eggs cook for 5 minutes. Remove eggs with a spoon onto plate.

Serve with:

Bacon, sausage or ham

Grits, home fries or Pancakes

Toasted Stone Ground Wheat, Rye,

White Bread or Biscuits

Milk, Orange Juice and/or Coffee


Eggs         A, B 6, B 12, D, Zinc, Protein


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by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy