Creamed Potatoes & Carrots

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8 med.    Russet Potatoes

4 lg.        Carrots

1 stick    Butter

1/2 cup    2% or condensed milk (enough to make the potatoes creamy/not runny)

1 tsp        Salt

1 tsp        Black Pepper

Peal carrots and potatoes.  Cut up in small pieces (about an inch).  Put in large pot, cover with water and bring to a boil.  Turn burner down to medium (5) and cook for about 20 minutes or until easy to pierce with a fork.  Drain water, add butter, salt and pepper.  Mash potatoes until everything is mashed together.  Add the milk and stir until it has a creamy texture.  It's OK if it has lumps.  Serves 5-8

Serve with


Green Vegetable

Ice Tea, Milk or Water

The Mayo Clinic & Cleveland Institute have been running tests on food.  They found that if you eat a raw carrot, you get no vitamin benefits from it.  It is only beneficial if you cook the carrots and add some type of fat to release the Beta Carotene (A).  This recipe does that.  It tasted so moist and good that you don't need gravy - that makes it even more healthy.


Carrots                    A, Beta Carotene

Potatoes                  B 9, C, Potassium, Fiber

Butter & Milk         A, B 12, Calcium, Selenium, Protein, (Fortified Milk - D)


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