Ale's Roman Pepperonata

US Copy write # TXu 1-354-553

1 Lg.                 Eggplant, pealed, halved & cut in lengthwise strips     

1 tsp.                Salt      

1 Lg.                 Zucchini squash, cut in lengthwise strips                      

1 tsp.                Black Pepper

4 Lg.                 Bell Peppers, cut in lengthwise strips                            

1 stick              Butter     

1 lg.                 Onion, cut lengthwise strips                                            

2 Tbsp.             Olive Oil

2 14-oz can      Diced Tomatoes                                                      

1 Tbsp.            Salad Supreme (optional - MSG) or Salt, paprika, 

Set heat to medium high (7). Add Olive Oil and butter to large skillet. When butter is melted, add Eggplant, Zucchini squash, Bell Peppers, and Onion. Sprinkle with Salad supreme, salt, pepper and sauté (turning constantly). Add tomatoes and cover. Simmer (stirring occasionally) until peppers are soft (about 30 minutes). Remove vegetables from pan with large slotted spoon or spaghetti server into a large bowl allowing most of the juices to drain back into the pan. Serves 6 to 8

Serve as a hot Salad


Favorite Italian food or Seafood 

Milk, Iced Tea, Water or Wine


Eggplant                 Protein, Potassium

Zucchini                 Protein, Fiber, A, C, Calcium, Iron

Bell Peppers            C

Onion                     A, C, B9, E, Sulfur compounds, Flavonoids, Quercetin

Olive Oil                 E, Polyphenols

Butter                    A, B12, D, Calcium, Selenium, Protein

Tomatoes               C, Potassium

Ali stayed a week with us. He had a lot of questions about the Bible, God and Jesus. We answered his questions and he left to go see the San Jacinto Monument in Houston. He came back a couple of days later and stayed another week with us. Someone had stolen his duffel bag with everything in it. We gave him a duffel bag, sleeping bag, personal items he would need & my Bible (notes and all). When Ali left the last time, he was headed to Mexico to meet a friend. He left us a note thanking us for our hospitality and for answering his questions. He said he knew he would find Jesus in himself in the near future. Ali was a really nice young man. We planted seeds. It is up to God to water them. I’m sure He did.


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