Fishing Creek Cemetery  

Because of the date of death you gave I believe your William is probably this one:
“William Lewis, Sen., Born Mar. 15, 1746, Died Mar. 4, 1830”.
Next to him is: “Margaret Lewis, Born Dec. 26, 1745, Died Feb. 23, 1834”
On the other side of this William is:
“William Lewis, Sen., Born Feb. 9, 1777, Died Nov. 19, 1822”

The only Alexander mentioned is one Alexander Lewis who brought infant, William Rainey Lewis for baptism on Dec. 8, 1812.

Joseph Lewis. From cemetery records:
“Col. Joseph Lewis, Born Jan.3, 1789, Died Mar 3, 1861, aged 72 years, 2 months & 6 days.”
Two above him (and next to your Margaret) is “Jane Miller Lewis, Wife of Col. Joseph Lewis, Born Aug. 18, 1796, Died Nov. 5, 1876”
One below him is “Keziah H. Lewis, Consort of Joseph, Died Oct. 5, 1817, in her 31st year”
Next to her is “William A. Lewis, Died Oct. 29, 1822, aged 2 years & 26 days”
Looks like Keziah could have been his first wife before he was a Colonal and if William A. is his son, Jane would have probably been his mother.

Samuel Lewis. From cemetery records:
“Samuel Lewis, Born Nov. 2, 1782, Died July 6, 1832”
Next to him is “Narcissa Gaston Lewis, Wife of Samuel, Born Nov. 17, 1792, Died Aug 22, 1871”
Next to her is a “Smith L. Lewis, Born Aug 28, 1806, Died May 8, 1860”
Next to him is “Joseph Stanhope Lewis, son of Samuel, Died Oct. 20, 1822, aged 2 years, 38 days”
Next to him is “Martha M. Lewis, Born Feb. 10, 1828, died Aug 9, 1829”

Samuel Lewis. From other records:
Samuel Lewis brought Smith (Lamar?) Lewis for baptism on Oct. 7, 1806.
Samuel brought William Linn Lewis for baptism on March 12, 1809.
Samuel brought James Alexander for baptism on March 10, 1811. This is the only James Lewis mentioned in the book.
Samuel brought Jinsey Narcissa Lewis for baptism on June 20, 1813
Samuel brought Robert Samuel Lewis for baptism on March 16, 1817
Samuel brought John Brown Lewis for baptism on April 21, 1823
Samuel brought Josiah Walker Lewis for baptism on August 21, 1825
Samuel Lewis is shown as an elder of the church in sessions of Feb 25, 1825 and May 21, 1825
Samuel and Narcissa Lewis were dismissed (meaning they probably moved away) from the church between Sept 1828 and April 1829.

There is one mention in cemetery records of a Margaret Boyd who might fit as a granddaughter.
“Charles L. Boyd, son of P. & Margaret, Born June 14 1831, Died July 30, 1856”