1 25-lb.       Turkey (Put in bottom of refrigerator one week before Thanksgiving to thaw)

                   Salt shaker

                   Pepper shaker

1 Tblsp.     Flour

1                Turkey size Reynolds Oven Bag

1 Large     Roasting pan

1 batch     Cornbread Sage Dressing (see recipe Dressing)

1 batch     White bread Sage Dressing (see recipe Dressing)

Remove top wrack from oven. Put bottom rack in lowest position possible for Turkey to fit + room for bag to expand. Preheat oven to 350 Deg. Put flour in bag and shake. Salt and Pepper turkey all over. Put lift string on turkey. Stuff both ends of turkey. Put foil over stuffing. Put Turkey in bag breast up. (you may need your husbandís help getting the Turkey into the bag, pan & oven) Seal bag and put in Roasting pan. Put in oven and bake for about 5 hours or until meat thermometer reads done. (Excellent instructions with the Reynolds cooking bags.) If the turkey is not done, remove the top of the bag, remove the foil and allow turkey and dressing to brown. If turkey is brown but not done, remove juices from pan and turn turkey over. Return to oven until backside is brown.  The other side will brown and you can use the juices to make giblet gravy. Serves about 14 to 20

Serve with:

Corn on the cob, Mashed potatoes & Giblet gravy

Green beans, Cranberry Sauce

Candid Yams, Brown & Serve Rolls

Pumpkin Pie

Iced Tea, Milk or White Wine


Turkey         Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, A, B 12, B 3, B 6, Tryptophan

It is perfectly OK to eat turkey as often as you want.  It is available year round.  It is also one of the healthier meats.