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"Brighten the Corner Where You Are" by the Florida Boys from CD "Songs of Inspiration (Disc 3)"

Al calls this FRANíS THEOLOGY - Our pastor says itís so close to the truth that itís scary.

Statement: "because of Eve, we got kicked out of house & home."

Franís answer:

Satan tempted woman into eating from the tree; but without a word, woman handed the fruit to man and he ate it. Women seem to have learned from their mistakes. Theyíre more careful about what they eat; but men havenít learned a thing. They will still eat anything a woman hands them.

The Curse:

One of the Curses on man is that he will earn his living by the sweat of his brow. No where in the Bible does it say a woman should sweat. So if a woman is outside doing something and she feels her pores opening up, she should run inside to cool off.

Manís responsibility:

The Bible says a man should present his wife without wrinkle or blemish. Therefore he should do nothing to worry her and he should not complain about how much lotion, makeup, plastic surgery or trips to the beauty shop she makes.

Eternal Beings:

Regardless of our age or how feeble our bodies are, we don't feel old inside (our spirits) because God created us eternal beings and we are ageless. This explains why our brains keep writing checks our bodies canít cash.

God Has a Bad Memory

Why do we think we donít have to take notes? God takes notes. He put a rainbow in the sky to remind himself not to flood the earth again. He also writes names in the "Book of Life." He doesn't want to forget anyone.  He also forgets all our sins after he forgives us. If God has a bad memory, why do we think we should have a good memory?

Statement: "Fran you are Weird." (said by most folks who know me including my Doctor & Pastor).

Franís Answer:  "Praise the Lord! God said he would raise up a peculiar people."

Fran Meservy