Picture of our aquarium in MS

"You Can't Roller Skate in A Buffalo Herd" by Roger Miller from LP "Golden Hits"

Think about it - it's Just Not Right by Fran Meservy

1.    When the Dr. said drink clear liquids, he was not talking about Vodka.

2.    Vodka is not a potato portion.

3.    Moonshine is not a corn portion.

4.    Saki is not a rice portion.

5.    Whisky is not a slice of Rye Bread.

6.    Rum is not a Sugar Cane snack.

7.    Did you ever think they would put moonshine in a gas tank?  Cars that run on pure Ethanol will have a unique benefit.  Ethanol is going to make siphoning gas a lot more enjoyable for some.  Heck, some folks will siphon gas (Ethanol) from their own cars.  So much for dry counties.  Will stills become legal?  Is it illegal to make gas for your own car?