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Engage Satan - Get Back in the Battle by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy

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From: Gerald
To: Frances McCrory Meservy
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 1:15 PM
Subject: Note:

Fran, do you believe that the Holy Spirit gives prophetic words for people today either thru words of knowledge, visions, or scripture?  As I was going out to Billie's house to help her with setting up her computer, the Lord gave me a vision and a word of knowledge for you.  I sense that the Holy Spirit wants me to make sure that you will be ready to receive it and not be offended by it.  If you open to hearing it, I would be more than happy to share it with you.  It is not my intent to harm or injure any part of the body of Christ, but to build it up and make it stronger in the faith of our Lord and Savior. 


Gerald, God caught me up in the Spirit in the early 90s.  So yes I do believe it happens.  Go read "Oil and Water" on my website www.pennywind.com also "Gangs and Angels" at
Yes there are still prophets.  God does not change: he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I have the gifts of Evangelism, Exhortation, Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and working miracles. 
I don't believe I am a prophet even though I know some things in advance.  Jesus told me, "I tell you things because you are my friend." 
I know - it's crazy to argue with God; but then that's what good friends feel comfortable doing - isn't it?  Abraham argued with God about destroying Sodom & Gomorra.  He was also God's friend.
God bless you.  I am ready to receive the message.

As I was driving to Billie's house, a section of the movie 'Top Gun' began to run in my mind and it was the episode right after he had killed his flight buddy in a training exercise. The carrier kept telling him to engage, but he kept telling himself it doesn't feel right and would not engage until the critical moment that Iceman needed him to get the enemy off of his tail. At that moment, I saw big bold word 'ENGAGE' and the words 'tell Fran to engage and get back into the battle'. I know that you don't like war, but we have a war forced upon us by Lucifer, which is not our choosing, and being forced to fight to win. It is Luci's main goal to hinder, get us off of the battle plan, maim, and to destroy. Our Father has a destiny that only you can fulfill. He doesn't have a backup plan, but is depending on you to be an over-comer and a fierce warrior for Him. So the word is 'ENGAGE'.

Gerald H

I knew instantly what the message meant.  God told me to write a book about everything he had shown me in my life.  I started writing the book ("I've Seen & Heard of Jesus") and was up to about age 56. 

I have been distracted and lax in finishing this book.  Partly because every time I start writing the testimonies down, Satan attacks me from every direction.  It is exhausting battling him.  He uses my family, friends and strangers (they are not aware of it). 

I am learning to say "Satan get thee behind me." Or "the Lord rebuke you Satan."  Or quote scripture like Jesus did in the wilderness.

The destiny that only I can fill is to write down what God has shown me personally.  No one else can do that.  No one else can put my emotions on paper or what I have learned over the past 65 years except me.  Anything else - God can raise up anyone else to do.

As of Aug 1, 2008 I have engaged the enemy and the battle is on.  Every day I write one testimony and upload it to my website on the net.  If the only way I can write it is in the middle of the night when the rest of the world is asleep, that's what I do.  I leave my husband a note and he lets me sleep late.  He is helping me battle Satan.

I covet everyone's prayers.  That is the best way you can help me in this battle.  When I was a child I asked God to help me write a book that would change many lives.  I thought it was "Unequally Yoked (How to Get Your Husband Saved)" but maybe that's not the only book. 

I pray that there will be more Holy Spirit in this book than me.  I pray that I will finish it in a timely manor like God wants me to.  I pray that God will move His Children to pray for me and pray for the Lord to rebuke Satan and keep him in check for me.  I pray I will remember how God showed me to battle Satan each day.  Amen

Remember: Prayer is like a guided missile we can shoot off to land anywhere and everywhere.  I covet your prayers.