Tuna Salad Sandwich

US Copy write # TXu 1-354-553

3 Tbsp.         Tuna Salad

2 slices         White, Wheat or Rye Bread

Smooth Tuna Salad on a slice of your favorite bread and cap with the other slice.

Serves 1

Serve with

Corn Chips or Fritos

Dill, Sour or Sweet Pickle

Iced Tea, Milk or Soda


Tuna Salad         A, B 3, B 6, B 12, C, D, Omega 3, Seratone, Iron, Selenium, Protein, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, 3-n-butyl phthalide, Acetylenics, Phenolic Acids

Bread                  B 1, B 2, B 3, Calcium, Iron, Folate


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