From the bible of William Patrick McCrory

William Patrick McCrory born 1825 died 1902 married Susan E. Jackson born 1835 died circa 1885. They were married in September 1847, Clarke co. Alabama.

Parents of W. P. McCrory; unknown. Brothers from Bible; Thomas Elmore McCrory, and A. J. McCrory called AJAX.

W. P. McCrory and brothers born in S.C. "Elmo" McCrory killed in the Civil War at the battle of Franklin, Tennessee. W. P. McCrory was wounded at the same battle and was captured and placed in POW camp at Camp Chase Ohio.

W. P. McCrory and A. J. McCrory both owned land and are found in Clark co. Alabama in the 1850’s near Choctaw Corner.(Thomasville, Alabama.)

Both sold land and moved their families to Butler Co. Al. in 1859-60. Both bought land in Butler Co. in the 1860’s and the 1870’s. Elmo McCrory’s body was taken home for burial in Lowdnes Co. in 1864. Pat and wife Susan are buried at Pineapple, Al. A. J. McCrory next lived at Awin, Al.

Billy McCrory (Oscar W.)