COOKING By: Frances M. McCrory-Meservy July 1965

I had cooked most of my life; but not the kinds of things Al liked to eat. I would try - he would take a bite and tell me how good it was. I would take a bite and cry: it was so awful. I decided that if Al loved me enough to eat that awful food and smile, I would learn to be the best cook he had ever met.

I asked God to help me be a good cook. He would reveal spices that I had never heard of to me when we ate somewhere. Through Godís help, I became a good cook.

Believe it or not, those recipes have opened the door for me to witness to a lot of people. We would have a couple over and the question would be asked, "how did you get my familyís secret recipe?" Of course, there is a history about how God showed me the recipe. The person was left with a dilemma. Since I knew no one in her family and they did not give me the recipe, God must have done it.

Example: Al loved Spaghetti and I had no clue how to make it. I had discovered all the spices for the sauce except one. I was watching Gomer Pyle on TV and he said, "Itís not Spaghetti until you add the oregano." I was ecstatic. I prepared the recipe and it was perfect.

Ten years later, we invited a couple over to eat. I did not know she was Italian and prepared spaghetti. She took a bite, her eyes got real big and she wanted to know where I got her familyís secrete Sicilian recipe. I told her how God helped me learn to cook and the history of my spaghetti recipe. She was totally awe struck. She knew her family would never give out the recipe and that I had never met anyone in her family; therefore, God must have given me the recipe.

2 Th 1:11-12 Therefore we also pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power, that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Background portrait by Robeson's Studios Beaumont, Texas 1966

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