In recent time trials (Mayo Clinic):

Caffeine (3 or more cups of coffee a day) helped prevent heart attacks and helped control blood sugar levels if no sugar was added.

Bananas protect the stomach lining from ulcers and acts like an antacid.

Eggs do not raise cholesterol.

As a Diabetic I have found that:

Diabetic do not eat the gravy, butter, anything with sugar or made with white flour because it will raise my blood sugar.

Triglycerides are too high eat bread sparingly.  One piece for breakfast usually whole wheat toast.  I do not eat any bread at any other time of day.  My triglycerides were too high and my Doctor said, "lay off the bread."  I did and my triglycerides dropped from 375 to 175.

Cholesterol too high do not eat Bacon, sausage or anything that has high bad fat.  Add oats to your breakfast and get some exercise because it will raise your good Cholesterol and raising the good will make the bad go down. 

Breakfast Choices

Cold Cereal                Hot Cereal                        Potatoes                                      Beverages

Whole wheat             Oatmeal                         Home Fries                                    hot or iced Coffee

Oats                           Cream of Wheat            Hash Browns                                 hot or iced Tea

Grape Nuts                Grits                                                                                     Ice Cold Milk

Eggs                         Bread                                  Sandwiches                         Orange Juice

Over Easy                 Stone Ground Wheat      Egg, Meat & Cheese on wheat     Apple Juice

Over Well                  Rye                                  Egg, Meat & Cheese on Rye        Grapefruit Juice

Scrambled                 Biscuit                             Egg, Meat & Cheese in Biscuit   Water

Omelet                      English Muffin                Egg, Meat & Cheese in Muffin

Poached                    Pancakes                         Egg, Meat & Cheese between pancakes

Soft Boiled                Waffles                             Kola’cies                                 Fruit

Hard Boiled               French Toast                   Breakfast Burrito                    Apple

Meat                          Condiments                     Sweets                                    Orange

Lean Bacon               Salt                                   Donuts                                    Banana

Canadian Bacon       Pepper                               Fruit filled Kola’cies              Grapefruit

Pan Sausage             Butter                                Bagels                                     Strawberries

Link Sausage            Hot sauce                                                                          Blue Berries

Ham Steak                Catsup                                   Gravies                               Black Berries

Pork Chops              100% Maple Syrup            Sausage Milk Gravy               Peaches                     

Beef Steak                100% Honey                      Red Eye Gravy                       Pears

 Steak Sauce             Sugar (use sparingly)

                                  Sweet'N Low

Food Facts

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