I use mushrooms a lot because they boost our immune systems; lower cholesterol; Rich in Niacin and riboflavin – the enzymes that convert sugar into energy that uses fats and keep our tissues healthier. These enzymes are needed to convert niacin, Vitamin B 6 and folate into usable forms.

You can use mushrooms in almost everything. Use the best tasting button mushrooms in salads, etc. Use the other mushrooms in spicy foods to tone the flavor down and make them more palatable.

Why use Mushrooms (According to Prevention’s "Disease Fighting Foods")

If you add mushrooms to sautéed onions, they go good with any beef dish. Add the mushrooms after the onions are done. Sauté’ for about a minute, turn and sauté’ another minute. Put mushrooms and onions over beef or on the side.

In fact, if you use Oyster mushrooms they may counter the cholesterol raising bad fats in beef. Oyster mushrooms lowered cholesterol by as much as 45 percent in mice even though they were on a high cholesterol diet.

Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms stimulate the immune system. They shrank tumors in mice when given in concentrated forms.

White button mushrooms taste better; but do not contain the above benefits, although, they do have their own. They have B vitamins, riboflavin and niacin in them. Niacin helps our bodies form enzymes that convert sugar into the energy that uses fats and keeps our tissues healthy. Riboflavin helps convert other nutrients like B6 and folate into usable forms.

Unlike a lot of vegetables, cooking mushrooms makes them tastier and healthier.


Button Mushrooms B 3, Riboflavin (see Beef), Potassium

Shiitake Mushrooms Lentinan, Potassium

Maitake Mushrooms Beta-glucan, Potassium

Oyster Mushrooms Eritadanine, Potassium

Lentinan: helps amass an army of infection fighting cells. They can inhibit tumor growth.

Beta-glucan: (Polysaccharide or D-fraction) helps shrink tumors. Helps protect our white blood cells from infections that kill them.

Eritadanine: May lower cholesterol levels.

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