Conversion Table & helpful hints

1/4 teaspoon sweet n low = 1 teaspoon sugar         

1/2 teaspoon sweet n low = 1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon sweet n low = 2 tablespoons sugar         

2 teaspoons sweet n low = 1/4 cup sugar            

2 1/2 teaspoons of sweet n low = 1/3 cup sugar      

4 teaspoons sweet n low = 1/2 cup sugar       

8 teaspoons of sweet n low = 1 cup sugar

1 tiny pink spoon (comes in box) SweetíN Low (for sugar bowl) = 1 tsp.  Sugar

Tomatoes: I use a lot of tomatoes because they are powerful antioxidants (more than carrots) - lowers risk of cancer; has energy producing, anemia preventing Iron and Vitamin C helps our bodies use Iron more efficiently (tomatoes are higher in Vitamin C than any other fruit). They also taste great.  If you have a problem with digesting tomatoes because of the acid, add a little brown sugar and it will kill the acidity. 

Sifted Flour: Whole-wheat all-purpose flour is ok in moderation if you are diabetic. If you want it to rise, use yeast or baking powder. I sift flour to make Gravy because the flour is finer and does not clump as much. Thatís how I get smooth gravy (the only clumps are meat or breading from whatever I am cooking).

Margarine: I use Margarine instead of butter to cook because butter burns too quickly. Margarine on the other hand does not. If Iím just adding butter for flavoring and am not sautťing something, I use real butter. If you want to use real butter, add a little Olive Oil and it will not burn as quickly.

Eggs: If you want your children to eat eggs or salad with eggs in it, use white eggs. They taste better as a stand-alone egg. I use white eggs for everything. Eggs are the glue that holds bread, meatloaf, cakes etc. together.  Brown eggs taste awful.  Use them to bake only.

Top of the Stove burner temperature: I cook most things on top of the stove with a flame setting of medium high (7). This temperature usually does not make the oil pop out of the pan; cooks the food fast enough so it feels and tastes less oily and is hot enough to sear the meat and seal in the flavor. If I am cooking something that needs the flavors blended, I put the flame on the lowest setting (simmer) as soon as the liquid starts to boil.

Oven Temperature: I cook most things on 375 degrees because that temperature will cook the meat all the way through without burning the surface. Spare Ribs, Steak and Corn Bread are exceptions. I cook ribs and Corn Bread at 400 degrees and I broil steak at 500 degrees.

Water: It is critical to watch the water (liquid) levels in whatever you are cooking. If the pot or pan goes dry, the food will burn. I drink water before a meal or soda because we should drink 3 or more 8-oz glasses of water per day. If I drink a glass of water before each meal, I feel full quicker, eat less and get the water I need. If I drink a glass of water before I get a soda, I donít drink as much soda. In fact most of the time after I drink the water, I donít want the soda. Itís a new habit. I was a soda-holic.

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