Guess what?   Eggs are still good for us. Recent time trials found that people who ate eggs were healthier and eggs did not raise your cholesterol.  they actually lowered their bad cholesterol and raised the good cholesterol.

My parents raised chickens for eggs and fryers.  Back then we ate the small eggs and sold the rest.  When I pick up a carton of medium eggs,   I find they are the size of the eggs that were too small for us to sell. 

We also did not sell the yellow eggs because they were what we called yard eggs.  They got brown in the sun.  There was nothing wrong with them but they did taste different (I did not like them).  Now the brown eggs cost more than the white eggs.  Are they organic or free range because they were taken off the ground and not from a nest?

Every once in a while, I crack an egg and there is a trace of blood in it.  I do not eat that egg.  I throw it away because the egg is fertilized and the blood is a new chick forming.  We did not eat or sell those eggs.  We put them under a setting hen.  If you hold an egg up to a light, you can see the blood in it without cracking it to find out.  Sneaky old rooster!

Be sure and check the date on the egg carton.  They are dated just like the dairy products.

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