Gout - what you should & should not eat (limit 150 milligrams of Purines a day)

Avoid                             (May have 3.5 ounce serving

(Uric Acid)                     of one of these foods per day)

High Purines                             Low Purines                Eat All You Want

Most Fish                                     Catfish                        Tomato

Shell Fish                                     Pork                            Grapefruit

    Shrimp                                     Beef                             Oranges

    Crab                                         Venison                       Apples

    Lobster                                     Lamb                           Lemons

    Crawfish                                   Goat                            Limes

Muscles                                        Asparagus                     Peas    

    Oysters                                     Bouillon                       Any type Potato

    Clams                                       Cauliflower        All greens except spinach

Organ Meat                                   Chicken                       Onions    

"    Bacon (stomach)                      Chicken soup                Garlic       

"   Liver                                        Duck                            any Peppers

"  Gizzards                                   Goose                            Cucumbers

"   Heart                                       Lima Beans                   Broccoli            

"   Brains                                      Red/Kidney Beans 

"   testicle (Sweetbread)                 Tuna                            any kind of corn

"   Eyes                                        oatmeal                        Grits

"   Tongue                                    Ham                             Eggs

"   Kidney                                     Sausage                       Cheese

Mushrooms                                   Sugar                          Milk

Spinach                                        Cake                           Nuts

Turkey                                          Pie                              green snap beans

Pinto Beans                                                                     Raw

Anchovies                                                                        "    Asparagus

Gravy                                                                              "   peas

Sardines                                                                          "   Spinach

Salmon                                                                           " Cauliflower    

Yeast                                                                              Biscuits      

Mincemeat                                                                      Corn Bread

                                                                                Non Yeast Bread


                                                                                      Maple Syrup


                                                                                      Brown Sugar


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