Basic things needed in a working kitchen:

Colander/Strainer Flour Sifter

Chopper Set of good Sharp Knives

Cookbook & Holder 2 Whisks

Large Spoon Large Spoon with holes

Spatula Potato Masher

Meat tenderizer Cutting board

Utility Thong Juice/baster

Salad Thongs Egg Separator

Tooth picks Spaghetti spoon

Funnel Egg slicer

condiment jars Salt & Peppershaker

Grater Mixer

Meat Thermometer Measuring spoons

Measuring Cup Basting brush

Small plastic spatulas

Cookware: Heavy cookware (Stainless Steel or non-stick coated) cooks more evenly than lightweight cookware.

Griddle 10 inch Fry Pan/egg poacher

Broiler Pan w/drain insert Timer

Vegetable steamer insert Pressure Cooker

Electric Skillet Blender

Toaster Soup Pot

Tea Kettle Roaster/dual pot

4 quart Pot Egg Poacher

Can Opener Microwave Oven/vent

Bottle Opener Stove

Blue hot pad Crock Pot (not pictured)

Wok (not pictured) Bake-ware (not pictured)

Set of Dinner Ware & flatware (4 – 12 place setting)

8 oz. water glass Dinner Fork

6 oz. stem glass Salad Fork

4 oz. coffee cup Soup Spoon

Saucer for cup Tea Spoon

Cereal Bowl Desert Spoon

Desert Dish Butter Knife

Salad Plate Steak Knife

Dinner Plate Table Spoon

Vegetable Bowl Serving Spoon with holes

Meat Platter Serving Spoon without holes

Salt & Pepper Shaker Serving Fork

Oil Carafe’ Serving Ladle

Vinegar Carafe’

Butter Dish Dinette Set

Sugar Bowl Place Mats to protect tablecloth

Bud Vase Tablecloth to protect table

Candle Holder Napkins (cloth or paper)

Food Facts

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by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy