Find out whatís in the food you eat and then decide if you need a supplement. Some vitamins are toxic to some people. If you are eating balanced meals, you may not need supplements.        Red meat is an excellent source of protein & B Vitamins. Some folks are allergic to B Vitamin supplements. Four ounces per day is a serving. Butter is safer than margarine. Use sparingly because itís made from milk fat. White rice, White bread, white pasta & sweets are a diabeticís enemy. Unbleached (brown) rice, Whole grain Bread & whole grain pasta is good if used sparingly. Potatoes are full of potassium & fiber and have more vitamins and minerals than any other food. These are all starches. Eat one medium potato per day. Never serve two starches at one meal. All breads raise Triglycerides (blood fat). Biscuits, bagels, English Muffins & Croissants are the worst offenders. Craving white bread? Try White Wheat Ė it tastes the same & is healthier. Milk helps us lose weight, Calcium in Dairy products keeps bones strong

Fish provides Iodine to keep the Thyroid healthy & helps keep memory sharp.

Peanut butter & Almonds help stabilize blood sugar, Almonds help lose weight.

All nuts are a good source of protein.

Fruits help build immune system & help ward off cancer

Olive Oil helps lower Cholesterol

Red wine will raise your blood pressure.

Beer is OK in moderation for diabetics. (1 6 -oz. glass per day)

Poultry has protein and endorphins to make us feel good. Eggs are high in protein.

Vegetables are excellent antioxidants (wards off cancer) and full of vitamins.

Whole wheat helps stabilize blood sugar and fiber helps keep the colon healthy.

 Some people have arthritis, heart disease or other physical limitations and canít do exercises generally recommended. Telling these folks that "this is the only way" will only cause them to give up.

A stationary bike with the peddles forward of the seat does not hurt your knees. Swimming is and excellent exercise. Get a book on stretching exercises Ė they donít hurt if you go easy and when you feel pain quit. If all you can do is 3 to 5 minutes per day then do that. A little exercise is better than none at all. People who make the exercise rules donít have arthritis, heart disease or other problems that limit what a lot of folks can do. If you start to hurt or run out of breath, quit. Try again later in the day or the next day. Every time you exercise a little, you will be able to do more the next time. If you canít, so what. You got 3 to 5 minutes of exercise that you were not getting before. Every little bit counts. Donít let anyone pressure you beyond what you are physically able to do. You donít have to be macho to get better.

If you are physically fit and able to run 2 miles a day, say, "Praise the Lord." But do not try to pressure your neighbor into doing something that may harm him/her. They will give up and quit doing what little they are able to do.

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