Potatoes should be eaten in moderation (1 small-medium potato per day). The least fattening way to eat a potato is to pretend it is an apple and eat it raw.

I eat at least one small to medium potato a day because I am diabetic and it helps control my blood sugar. A potato is the most perfect food available with more vitamins and minerals than any other food. It is chock full of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, foliate, chlorogenic acid (skin) and potassium.

It prevents scurvy; calms the blood-pressure spike caused by salt; helps control blood-sugar and protects your heart because it is chock full of vitamin C and potassium; it is a complex carbohydrate (starch) that breaks down slowly after you eat it and does not cause a sugar spike like other starches. Potatoes help keep you full longer than most foods so you are less likely to need a snack later.

Soaking potatoes in water or boiling them in water loses some of the vitamins. Use the water for soups or gravy and get the vitamins back.

I am enjoying fries again because I discovered they are not bad for you if you cook them in Olive Oil. Red Potatoes and Olive Oil make the best tasting fries in the world.

The healthiest way to cook and eat a potato is baked. Bake it in the microwave (wrap it in saran wrap) and all nutrients are preserved. Add any dairy product and/or meat you would like. Lab tests show you donít lose anything by not eating the peal.

Red potatoes are the best tasting for boiling (whole boiled alone or with snap beans) or frying in butter (home fries, hash browns) or in olive oil (French fries). They are also good for potato salads because they hold their shape better after boiling.

Idaho baking potatoes are the best tasting when baked (buttered or stuffed).

Russet potatoes are the best tasting for mashed potatoes, casserole & potato salad (but tend to fall apart if even slightly overcooked). They are good for all around usage (baked & buttered or stuffed), fried in butter (hash browns, home fries), olive oil (French fries) or eaten raw.

Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes are excellent when baked and loaded with butter. Sweet Potatoes are good fried in olive oil and dipped in butter. Want a high fiber pie (no crust & itís pudding)? Sweet Potato Pie tastes a lot like pumpkin (itís the same recipe).

Yams taste best candid with brown sugar or maple syrup.

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