Have you ever bought a chicken, turkey, ham or roast that just would not get done? This is because the folks who butchered it did not hang in upside down, cut its throat and drain the blood out immediately after it was killed. The blood settled in the bony areas and prevents thorough cooking.

I bought a 20-lb. Turkey once that after cooking for 24 hours, was still raw.

Never eat rare chicken, turkey or pork. If you have medium rare beef, it will still be cooked at the bone if it was butchered correctly.

When selecting chicken, turkey or some other bird, choose a brand you trust. If you purchase a bad bird, return it and select another brand. Tell Customer service why you are returning the bird. Telling the market about bad brands helps them serve you better. Be polite! They did not kill the bird!

It pays to have a meat thermometer and use it according to the directions. You place the end next to the bone because unless the bone reaches a certain temperature, the meat around it is not done. Meat Thermometerís are inexpensive.

The reason fried chicken is bad for us is because it has a lot of bad fat under the skin, we roll it in white processed flour and the oil we normally use is a not good for us. 

Skin on anything or anyone protects their meat from impurities, chemicals and toxins that are external.  Therefore if we take the skin off the chicken, we have removed the protective layer and the seasonings we use will permeate into the chicken's meat.  The taste is no longer on the skin that is bad for us.  It is in the meat that is good for us.  I really think that is why Butterball injects butter under the Turkey's skin.  The butter is protected from the heat and as it melts and spreads out, it adds flavor and makes the turkey self basting.

Now that the skin is removed take off all excess fat.  This is the fat that is bad for us.

Next I make sure I have plenty of Olive oil.  Olive oil helps lower bad cholesterol.  If I remove it from my diet, I will not get it's good benefits.  The other good oils don't do anything for us - they just don't harm us.  I use the extra virgin Light Olive Oil because I don't like anything coated with heavy oil.  

Whole wheat flower tastes just as good as the coating on chicken as white processed flour.  Processed flour raises blood sugar.  Wheat helps stabilize blood sugar. 

I tried using stone ground wheat but it did not taste quite right and when I used it to make gravy, it made the gravy crunchy.  That was just too weird. I tried it in corn bread but it made it way too dry and crunchy.

I use eggs to make the wheat stick and recent time trials have shown that eggs are not bad for us.

Problems removed and it actually tastes better.   It still makes my blood sugar go up about 50 points.  We are all different so test, test, test.

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by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy