Foods that are high in starch, just like an alcoholic beverage, turn into sugar in our blood.  If you are not diabetic, this is a good energy source.  But if you are not getting enough exercise, it will make you fat.

They include: 

Noodles and pastas - highest in starch because it is made from flour

Rice - Naturally starchy - that's why it sticks together

Corn - it is also a grain

Potatoes - although high in starch, it is made up of a complex starch that breaks down slowly into our blood.  The potato is the most perfect food because it has almost every vitamin and mineral you need in it.  It is also high in fiber and higher in potassium than any other food.  The American Diabetes Association recommends one small baked potato 3 to 4 times a week.

    Baking - highest in starch

    Russet - medium in starch

    Red potato - lowest in starch

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