Garlic lowers cholesterol, thins blood, improves circulation, helps prevent, cancer (has stopped some tumors from growing & reduced the size of others when used in large amounts), high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Garlic helps fight sinus, throat and ear bacterial infections.

Garlic helps reduce high blood sugar and helps boost immune systems.

Garlic possible relieves asthma, keeps cells healthy and strong.

Garlic prevents or delays certain conditions that cause aging.

A small amount of Garlic extract diluted with water is known to kill the fungus that causes Swimmerís ear.

Considering the benefits of garlic in relation to lowering cholesterol and Triglycerides, I do not eat beef without generously adding garlic to it.

I personally find that if I use garlic in food preparation, I donít need as much salt, if any, to get the same taste. Itís just a good salt substitute.

Cooking makes it milder. Cooked or raw Garlicís healthy properties are the same if you donít over cook it. Put it in the recipe last. Sautť it quickly (about a minute each side) and lightly if fresh.

If it is freeze dried, do not sautť' before adding it to the recipe'.


Garlic                 diallyl disulfide, S-allylcysteine, Sulfur compounds

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