If you cook onions (chopped, diced or whole), they are milder and easier on the taste buds without losing their healthful benefits. They also add an excellent flavor to whatever is cooking (except maybe cakes & pies, etc.).

Onions have dozens of compounds that lower cholesterol. They protect us from cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma; they have sulfur compounds that are natural antibiotics and help us breath better (they keep our airway passages clear). A little onion on beef is a healthy idea. Don’t eat beef without it.

Scallions are a cousin to the Onion. They have even more of the good stuff than onions and Flavonoids that boost your immune system to boot. They also help keep your blood sugar down.

If your blood pressure is up, eat a raw onion and sometimes that is all you’ll need to bring it down. DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR PILLS. You may need one if the onion does not work.

Want a zesty sweet onion?  Try a Vidalia (they are sweet because they are low in Sulfur).


Onions             Flavonoids, Quercetin, Sulfur compounds, A, B 9, C


Sautéed Onions

Heat 2 tblsp. Olive Oil in a large fry pan. Chop up the onions. Constantly stir until lightly brown. Put in your favorite recipe’.

If you have Children who hate Onions, instead of putting chopped onions in the recipe’ – drop the onions in whole and remove them before serving.

Cut up the onions, cook them and serve them on the side for the adults.

Your children will have the flavor; but they won’t know its onions.

This can be done with most cooked recipes.

IE My grandchildren (bless their little hearts) said they hated onions.  They later said they love my cooking.  Since they are 17, 18 & 19 years old now, I told them that almost everything they ate at my house (they never left anything on their plates and usually had seconds) had onions in it.  They said they guess they liked them cooked after all.  Just not raw.

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