Miscellaneous McCrory Files

Miscellaneous McCrory Clans that have and have not been connected to me (Frances M. McCrory-Meservy) Connected highlighted in yellow.

The McCrory families listed below have & have not yet been connected to my family.  A few fine folks have me connected to Thomas Jr. below and some connect me to Hugh but it just does not quite fit.  Putting together a family tree is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  If the piece does not quiet fit don't force it, keep looking for the piece that will fall into place.  If you find the missing piece, please let me know.  I will check it out and include it (with your permission) with you as contact person (with your permission). Contact Fran McCrory-Meservy at pennywind@pennywind.com.


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Pictures of River Bann County Antrim Ulster Ireland 

Millrow Presbyterian Church Records Antrim, County Antrim, Northern Ireland Birth Record for William McCrory Connected

River Bann, County Antrim Ulster Ireland connections to other pics located at link on left
Pictures of County Antrim Ireland   County Antrim Ireland coastline link on left
Pictures of Scotland Your Ireland and Scotland information here for free - contact Fran at pennywind@yahoo.com map of Ireland & Scotland

Scotland link on left

Antrim IR Genealogy    

I am connected to this family - Thomas McCrory & Hannah Crawford (my great, great, great, great, great grandparents - through their son Thomas II) Clan - River Bann, County Antrim, Ulster Northern Ireland to Baltimore, Maryland to NC/SC to Alabama & Tennessee to USA   

All the information in this McCrory family (unless otherwise noted) is from Robert H McCrory of  Ardmore OK - Posted with his permission - His information is copywrited and may only be used for personal use. 

Connected: great, great, great, great grand Uncle

South Carolina to Alabama- James McCrory & Jane Gilmore Genealogy Report 

 Robert H. McCrory's autobiography & pictures
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John Kent Legate

IR-MD-NC Thomas Ira McCrory & Hannah Crawford son of Hugh & brother of William McCrory -SC-AL-TN-MS-LA-OK-USA Connected: My great great great great great great grandparents

IR-SC William McCrory son of Hugh & brother of Thomas McCrory -AL-USA

Oklahoma- James Ira Bird McCrory holding James McCrory's Bible, back of pic, Robert H. McCrory  with family Bible Information from Robert

Texas- Robert H McCrory's maternal Grandfather, Joel Robison Captured Santa Anna at San Jacinto Texas page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5
John McCrory of SC

Information from Robert H McCrory of Ardmore OK James' many greats grandson.  (my cousin)

American Revolution posted with permission (James McCrory one of George Washington's Body Guards at Valley Forge) Book written & copywrited by Tucker - for private use only.  After the file downloads, right click on the file and select open with Adobe Reader. Alabama- Jane McCrory grave, inscription on grave, James McCrory grave, Inscription on grave sign to Old Bethany Cemetery   Obit
Jane Elizabeth McCrory Treadway James McCrory Bible Records from CD page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6 Graf made from Bible Info page 1, page 2 Tennessee- Thomas McCrory & Jean Gilmore from Mary Charlotte Hall
  Petition to Congress for Pension American Revolution, Documentation Family Lore written by Robert H. McCrory Family Lore,
  William G Bates research contact him at WGB97@elp.rr.com Images courtesy of Sara Louise McCrory - Bill's sister-in-law.

Cornelius Hugh McCrory of TN Insurance boards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Pictures: TN Carnelius Hugh McCrory Clan Family, Men - Names

Letters from Andy Grahan page 3 NC, page 4 AL, page 5 NC, page 7 TN Hugh McCrory, page 9 GA, page 11 Bill US Senate, page 14 US Senate Document, page 17 AL, page 20 AL

Charleston South Carolina/North Carolina to Alabama & Georgia to USA

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Connected (great grand uncle)

AL- From the Bible of William Patrick McCrory from Bill McCrory

Connected (great, great grandparents)

SC to AL to GA - Hugh McCrory & Mary Mackey family page 1, Mackey family page pages from Janet Mullinix contact her at janetmullinix@tds.net

McCrory Immigrant ships records page 1, page 2 Ship's Immigration records PA Farmer Belfast to SC page 1, page 2, page 3 ship's Manifest Ship Needam
  Alabama Census 1850 Clarke Co 1850 Greene Co 1860 St Clair Co 1930 Butler Co www.rootsweb.com   Your AL/GA McCrory  information here (free) e-mail Fran at  pennywind@yahoo.com SC Church Records - William, Andrew, Thomas & brothers (not named); NC SC GA AL church history; Hopewell Presbyterian; Long Cane Associate Reformed
    Co Antrim emigration Rev William Martin, Presbyterian emigration, Queens borough to Georgia, Salem to Abbeville District SC NC, SC, GA & AL Church History
    Scotch-Irish Migration Lancaster Co South Carolina original settlers

South Carolina to Alabama to Mississippi and Louisiana to all over the USA Not connected yet

Related Sites Chapman L McCrory Gen Report Louisiana- R. Hilton McCrory obit Death Record
  Hilton research files SC, AL, MS, LA Thomas Nathaniel McCrory Draft Record
  Census 1860, 1880, Clarke Co Alabama - Hilton's grandfather - Chapman L McCrory Land Records Chapman L McCrory Jan 1 1852 boundary south of the Indian line in Alabama
  April research files IR, PA, NC/SC, AL, GA, MS, OR, NC contact April at apriltuner66@yahoo.com Your MS/LA McCrory  information here (free) e-mail Fran at  pennywind@yahoo.com

Pennsylvania to Ohio to USA

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PA - Jim McCrory

This Spot reserved for ladysmurf71957@yahoo.com Jim A McCrorie's Family Death Certificate for John Alexander McCrory b OH d MO
  Pennsylvania- David McCrory page 1, page 2, Information from Margaret Dorfer of Ohio Your PA/OH McCrory  information here (free) e-mail Fran at  pennywind@yahoo.com

Did your ancestor die from an Epidemic?

John Osborn Diary (John Finney, Thomas, Hugh, William, John & Thomas Sr McCrory in the diary) (free site) http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~helmsnc/osborndiary/ It is 20 miles from Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC to Lancaster, Lancaster Co., SC via today's roads.

PDF (Adobe Reader) files do not convert to HTML correctly and require more work than normal.  I could not get the History book about the American Revolution to convert in an acceptable manor - sorry for the inconvenience.

Researchers who Contributed to the McCrory Genealogy to both Fran's McCrory family and the other McCrory clans are: Alexandria Zucco, Andy Graham, Annette Foster Ditto, Anne Simmons, April Gonzales, April Westbrook, Betty Elliot, Billy McCrory, Billye Jobe, Bob McLaren, Brenda Wesoloski, Brock Ostrader, Budy McCrory, Chryl Sumner, Christopher Sewell, Christy Edwards, Clark Stewart, Cynthia A. Luckie, Dan Autry, David McHenry, David Thompson, Donna Luzzi, Dortha Gamel, Elaine Hendricks, Gary Johnson, Gary Morris, Gene Kelley, George Everett, Gloria McCrory, Hilton McCrory, George McCrory, Greg McCrory, James McCrory, James Turner, Janet Mullinix, Janet Smith, Jean Harton, Jim MacRorie, Jim Larsen, Jim McCrory, Jim Turner, Joan Ackerman, Joe Sanders Jr, John Douglas McCrory, John Kent Legate, Karen Bagford, Karl Waldman, Kathy Payne, Ken Hendrix, Kimber McCrory, Lee McCrory, Margaret Houlihan, Maarilyn, Martha Lundy, Mary Henley, Megan McCrory, Michael McCrory, Mickie Reeves, Pat Pearse, Patricia Matuschak, Phyllis McCombs, Randall Alford, S T McCrory, Robert H. McCrory, Sally Porter, Stella Cobb, Sue & Jim McCrory, Tom Bush, Tom Coker, Traci Thames, Tracy Mooney, Waymon Griffin, William Bates and I probably left someone out - if I did, let me know and I'll include you.                  


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Book for sale that includes Tennessee McCrorys in Confederate Army

background picture map of Ireland and Scotland with pictures of Ireland & Scotland on it - from Co Antrim Ireland Pics-lower right, River Bann Co Antrim Ireland - bottom, Pics of Scotland - upper left

"The Soft Goodbye" by Celtic Women from CD "Celtic Women"