The Store Day Books
1837 - 1844

Running account of Anderson Boggan Store.

James Sheppard, Alexandria Beverly, Sherod S. Howel, Thomas Sheppard, Irvin Lee, Mrs. Nancy Odom, Paul Howel, Eldridge Parker, Lovet Lee, Young Lee, William Odom, D. J. Fail, Miss Rebecca King, Miss Nancy King, Jeremiah Dennis,
Davis Jalliff, Hugh Black, John L. Bryan, Lewis Fail, Micajah Lee, Raford Fail, Bryan Fail, Robert Johnson, Joel Lee, Edward Lee, James Howel, Anderson Boggan, John Hood, Sterling Parker, J. M. Black, Arthur Sims, Mrs. Mary Black, Mrs. Lucy Cotton, Mrs. Alsey Fail, Mrs. Polly Sasser, Samuel L. Caldwell, Eli McCrory, J. W. Womack, Joel W. Lee, Redin Rhodes, John Rustin, George W. Massingill, Jaret Caret, Hardy Eldridge, Reddin Rhodes, Ozborn Fail, Anthony Beverly, Benjamin N. Lee, William Fail, Isaac Lee, David Tool, Paul Howell, John Scarber, Benjamin Parker, Jun., Benjamin Parker, Sen. William Jackson, John Sheppard, Loved Fail, Gilford Jackson, Joseph Baughman, Arthur Parker, Jacob Hobbs, T. B. Windham, Alen Jones, Zacharier Powell, John Jones, David Elder, Sims Howel, Thomas McCrory, Peter Kuhn, William Boggan, Samuel Overstreet, Isom Vickery, P. J. Parker, Polly Sasser, Moses Parker, James A. G. Bransford, Elleck Lee, David Parker, G. W. Massingill, Solomon Boggan, James M. Black, Mrs. Polly Black, James Howell, John Seale, John Hammett, Mrs. Polly Sasser, Jefferson Parker, S. W. Arnold, Popy or Papy Powell, Bennett Lee, Ned Nicholas Lee, William Streety(?), David Seale, H. L. Henderson, Samuel D. Williams, Samuel J. Bolling, James Neal, H. T. Jones, J. Bolin

Lewis Fail, Mrs. Polly Sasser, Edward Lee, Arthur Parker, Young Lee, Isaac Lee, Patrick Boggan, James Sheppard, Thomas McCrary, Loved Lee, Richard Kelly, S. S. Howel, Peter Kuhn, J. M. Ruston, John M. Rusten, Zacharier Powell, William Parker, Thomas B. Boggan, John Sheppard, S. S. Howell, Bennett Lee, J. L. Bryan, Zachariah Powell, G. W. Massingill, David Elder, Davis Jalliff, Edwin Smith, Miss Sarah Lee, Margaret Boggan, J. A. Cunningham, John Jones, G. B. Massingill, Loverd Fail, Paul Howell, Willliam Fail, Bennet Hill, John Parker, Loverd Lee, Sterling Parker, Jacob Hobbs, Miss Ann Mainence, Samuel D. Williams, Chapman L. McCray, B. C. Ellis, Micajah Lee, Joel W. Lee, Samuel Overstreet, Mrs. Polly Black, Hugh Black, Eldridge Parker, P. J. Parker, Solomon Boggan, Ozborn Fail, Irvin Lee, William Miller, David Parker, S. D. Williams, Legrand Parker, William Boggan, Ned Nichols Lee, William Williams, Thomas Sheppard, Benjamin Parker, Junr., Daniel Henry, Lovet Lee, David Tool, D. P. Powell, J. A. G. Bransford, Bryan Fail, Hardy Eldridge, Raiford Fail, John L. Bryan, J. M. Black, Jonathan Boggan, Benjamin N. Lee, Reddin Rhodes, Benjamin Parker, John Hood, Allen Jones, Miss Nancy King, John Hammet, John Scarber, John Blankenship, Elexander Lee, Joseph W. Fields, Bob Smith, James Price, Caleb Burket, Robert Johnson

Raford Fail, Hugh Black, J. A. Cunmingham, Margaret Boggan, Arthur Parker, James Price, Bennett Hill, S. S. Howell, James Howel, Ozborn Fail, Loverd Lee, Micager Lee, Young Lee, Y. B. Massengill, P. J. Parker, E. R. Smith, J. A. G. Bransford, John Sheppard, William Waller, Isaac Lee, Miss Ann Maniece, Zacharier Powell, Micajah Lee, D. P. Powell, Paul Howell, Mrs. Barret, Mrs. Polly Sasser, William Boggan, William Fail, Osborn Fail, Sen., Jeremiah Lee, John Johnston John M. Ruston, Austin Beasly, Frank Cunningham, Joseph Parker, John Hammet, Miss Nancy Lee, James A. G. Bransford, Caleb Burket, William Odom, John Scarber, J. M. Black, Benjamin N. Lee, William Walker, S. S. Howel, Jacob Hobbs, Allen Jones, J. T. Whitington, Joseph W. Fields, John Hood, Irvin Lee, Osborn Fail, Jun., Samuel Overstreet, Bryan Fail, James M. Black, Samuel A. Kuykendal, Daniel N. Pouncy, G. W. Massingill, Hugh McCrory, Lewis Fail, James Howell, James Sheppard, Lovet Lee, Benjamin Parker, Alex Johnson, Edward Lee, Jeremiah Dennis, Robert Johnson, Loverd Fail, David Tool, J. Henry, Bennet Lee, Abraham Beasly, Eldridge Parker, Eldride Parker, J. L. Bryan, Frank Cunningham, Miss Sarah Lee, E. K. (or R.) Smith, D. J. Fail, Miss Sally Lee

William Boggan, Ozborn Fail, Sen., James M. Black, Sterling Parker, Champan L. McCrory, Jackson Kuykendal, E. R. Smith - Edwin R. Smith, Frank Cunningham, James Hammons, James M. Black, Silvanes Sheppard, Hugh McCrory, G. W. Masingill, Irvin Lee, Caleb Burket, John Hood, Arthur Parker, John Scarbor, William Fail, Loverd Lee, James Sheppard, Loverd Fail, David Tool, Lewis Fail, J. L. Bryan, Benjamin Parker, Abraham Beasly, F. M. Cunningham, William Odom, Isaac Lee, Bennet Lee, Frank M. Cunningham, Nathan Bransford, Edward Lee, Micajah Lee, Hugh Black, Allen Jones, Peter Kuhn, Paul Howell, Raford Fail, John Sheppard, John M. Ruston, Robert Johnson, James Cunningham, Eldridge Parker, A. Beasly, J. A. Cunningham, James Hammond, Elias Presler

Mary Parker, Ned Nichols Lee, Arthur Parker, Bennet Lee, John M. Ruston, Zacharier Powell, Loverd Lee, Raford Fail, William Odom, Thomas Boyett, Lewis Fail, Jonathan Kuykendal, Theophilus Williams, Irvin Lee, Isaac Lee, Nathan Bransford, Abraham Beasly, Benjamin N. Lee, John L. Bryan, William Parker, William Fail, Loverd Fail, James M. Black, Edward Lee, Benjamin Parker

Jonathan Kuykendal, Benjamin Parker, William Fail, Thomas Coker, Raford Fail, Bennet Lee, J. M. Black, Lewis Fail, John Scarber, William Boggan, Richard Coleman, James Sheppard, Theophilus Williams, Milton Lary, William Odom, J. Henry, James Lary, J. A. Cunningham, Bennet Hill, Benjamin N. Lee, Caleb Burket, Jun., Edward Lee, James W. Kuykendal, Loverd Fail, Isaac Lee, Micager Lee, Young Lee, Hugh Black, Thomas Boyett, Polly Black, Arthur Parker, James M. Black, G. W. Masingill, James Hammons, Zachaeier Powell, James Hammands, Ned Nichols Lee, Irvin Lee, Caleb Burket, Sen., Peter Kuhn, Samuel Overstreet, Edward Lee, Jun., Reddin Rhodes, Nancy Odom, Moses Parker, Loverd Lee, John Henry, William Sturdivant, William Williams, Thomas Jones, Smith Fisher, Ozborn Fail, Jun., Frank Black, Miss Nancy Lee, Allen, Jones, Mrs. Polly Sasser, James A. Cunningham, Thomas B. Boggan, William Gay, David Tool, Abraham Beasly, John Kuykendal

Matilda Lee, Bennet Hill, Allen Jones, Richard Coleman, Samuel A. Kuykendal, Edward N. Lee, Thomas Boyett, Arthur Parker, Polly Black, Edward Lee, Sen., Hugh Black, Benjamin Parker, Benjamin N. Lee, William Odom, Thomas Kolb, Manuel Burket, David Tool, Micager Lee, J. M. Black, Irvin Lee, Miss Sally Lee, Caleb Burket, Raford Fail, James Hammonds, William Boggan, Mrs. Sarah Boyett, John Searcy, Emily Lee, Thomas McCrory, Bennet Lee, John Kirksey

A typical account as shown for Solomon Boggan in 1837 as follows:

1 Grid Iron                  $  .50
1 cotton hdkf                  .38
4 yds. wide ribbon         2.50
3 yds narrow ribbon       1.13
2 yds. lining silk            1.25
1 pr fire dogs                 1.81
3 pr mens brogans         5.25
1 frying pan                     .50
2 fancy shalls                3.00
1 fine comb                     .25
2 boles                           .88
1 set cups & saucers      .38
6 yds. domestick           1.50
1 Saddle                      15.00
1 Saddle Blanket            2.00
1 Mariner Shall               2.50
1 lb. allum                       .19
  Recd payment in full  $39.02

These pages were submitted by a descendant of Anderson Boggan, Mr. R. Q. Boggan.  According to him Mr. Boggan moved to Jasper County, Miss. where he operated another store called the Jasper County Fellowship Community store.  The names of Eldridge, Benjamin and James Parker, John M. Rustan and William Rustan, Rayford, Oshon and Mrs. Fail also appear in the books of that store and might be the same people who lived previously in Butler County.  A few comments made for clarification of the people listed were as he stated:

D. P. Powell is the son of Zachariah Powell....Hardy Eldridge was the brother-in-law of Anderson Boggan, with his wife Elizabeth Boggan Eldridge dying in 1837....George W. Massingill was the father-in-law of Anderson Boggan and preceeded Anderson in going to Mississippi....Young Bolen and Robert Massingill were brothers-in-law of Anderson Boggan....Edward Lee appears to be the father of Ned, Irvin, Sarah, Nancy, Eady and Micajah Lee...William Fail was the father of Nancy Fail....Robert Lee made a purchase for Loverd Lee.  Mr. Boggan also pointed out the incorrect spelling of many of the names.  The book for 1843 could not be found.

Source:  "The Quarterly Publication of the Butler County (Alabama)  Historical Society"
Volume XVI, October 1980, Number 3.