Green Snap Beans

lb.         Fresh Green Beans (2 cans or lb. frozen)

slice     Bacon (optional) (Southern Style)  Can substitute 1/2 cup chopped lean ham

stick     Butter (optional) (Northern Style)

1 tsp.        Salt (optional)

1 tsp.         Pepper (optional)

Even though Bacon is used in Southern style and Butter is used in Northern style green snap beans, they taste good with neither. Pinch tips off fresh green beans, throw tips in trash and snap beans into two or three pieces (open cans or frozen package of beans) and put in crock-pot.

Southern Style: Add Bacon, Salt & Pepper.

Northern Style: Add Salt & Pepper. Add butter 30 minutes before the beans are done.

Fresh or Frozen: cook overnight or 6-8 hours on low.

Canned: cook on low for 1 hour or until hot. Do not add salt to canned beans.

Healthy: don't add butter or bacon.  Add lean ham instead or nothing at all.  Serves 4-8

Serve with:

Any Meat

Potato or Corn


Milk or Iced Tea


Beans (fresh, canned or frozen)         B9, Soluble Fiber, Protein, Lignans, isoflavone, saponins, phytic acid, protease inhibitors, Potassium, Iron

Bacon                                                     B9, B12, Zinc, Iron

Butter                                                     Calcium, A, B2, B3, Selenium, Protein

In recent testing of different vegetables, soups (with same ingredients) and meats, the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Institute found that there is no difference in vitamin content whether you eat fresh, canned or frozen foods. Which do you prefer? Eat up.