Pumpkin Pie

2 9" deep               Pie Shells (frozen or home made)

1 29-oz. Can         Pumpkin

2 12-oz. Cans      Evaporated Milk

1 tsp.                    Salt

5 tsps.                  Pumpkin Pie Spice

4                          Eggs

1 ½ cups             Sugar

2                          Toothpicks

Preheat oven to 425 Deg. Mix Pumpkin, milk, eggs, sugar and spices in large mixing bowl until smooth. Cover a large pan or cookie sheet with foil. Put both pie shells on large pan or cookie sheet & pour half into each pie shell. Put in oven for 15 minutes. Turn oven down to 350 Deg. and bake another 25 to 30 minutes. Insert toothpick into deepest part of pie – if it comes out clean, it is done. If it is wet, cook pies for another 5 minutes and test again. Put on hot pads and let cool. When pies are cool, cover with Saran Wrap and put in refrigerator until ready to serve. Serves 8 to 15

Serve with

Whipped Cream

ilk, tea, soda or coffee


Pumpkin         A, Calcium, Iron, Protein, Fiber

Sugar              nothing

Milk               A, D, Calcium, Potassium, Protein, Riboflavin, Phosphorus

Crust              Iron

Not on Diabetes’ Diet.