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All definitions are from & Quick Verse software (the New King James Version of the Holy Bible).

The parts of our country (USA) who are not under draught conditions are under flood conditions or tornadoes.  We have had devastating hurricanes and earthquakes.  Our water is so bad we have to use chlorine to make it drinkable.  Larger than normal areas of forests are burning and are hard to extinguish.  We are plagued by new diseases and some have no cure.  We have been attached by people from far off and there is now fear that it will happen again.  We owe China a lot of money.  We are no longer respected by other nations and they do not fear us.  The UN and some economic treaties rule over us.  We allow OPEC to rule over us because we want their oil.  Has oil become a god?

This country is in big trouble with God because of what we are doing to the poor; widows, orphans, aliens and needy in our midst. 

Bible scripture to think about:  Keep in mind that God is speaking to a Nation and not just an individual.  As an individual we can't do it all (we all have different gifts and talents).  As a Nation we can do it all.  also keep in mind that 99% of the promises in the Bible come with a condition.

How to save the United States or any other country:

Who Can     (Christians have to do this)

Why Sodom was destroyed

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy  What is a Sabbath Day (Christians have to do this)

Return Justice in our courts    (country has to do this)

What Brings Blessings    (Christians and Country have to do this)

Who We Should & Should Not Help    (Christians and Country should take heed to this)

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