Bible Studies - By Frances M. McCrory-Meservy & Willard Albert Meservy

Church & State - Why they should be separate
A Glimpse of Heaven
Age of Accountability When God holds us accountable
Al's Testimony Fran tells about Al's life before he got saved and Al tells about his Salvation and Love
Armor of God/Spiritual Warfare How to fight Satan. 1992
Baptism The road to righteousness
Bearing False Witness One of the things God hates Sept 21, 2008
Biblical Warnings Who they are For by Willard Albert Meservy
Bible Study, Intense 1979 - 1982
Bible in a Nutshell Basic things. 1981
Cooking God taught me how 1965
Complaining Is it a Sin? 19 Nov 2014
Cult Candidate Basic teachings that scream "I am a Cult." 1981
Do Not Be Offended 20 July 2014
Scene of the Crime April 28 2013
Faith What is faith? 1992
False Religion Works instead of Grace.
False Expectations The biggest reason for anger June 13, 2013
Food For Thought What you think really is who you become
Fran's Testimony Fran tells about her salvation and about her 70 year walk with God
Free Will What it means to humans
Fruit of the Spirit How to tell if someone is a Christian 1992
Give Us Our Daily Bread Don't worry about food
God Uses our Feelings
God's Gifts & Call Things that help us know what God wants us to do 1980
Grace for Grace Unearned favor. 2002
Hate vs Love Which is God's will
Heavenly & Earthly Narrow is the Gate 20 Feb 2014
How to tell if you're angry & "How to Forgive" if you still are. 1992
How to Save the USA
How to Rest in the Lord
How do you know if you Love God July 16 2013
Humble What does humble mean © 2006
Importance of God's Word How to have power in your life. 1992
In the Twinkling of an Eye Startling event. Dec 2007
Jealousy Why? © 2005
Lies 2013
Look Back to See the Future
Love Yourself 13 Feb 2017
Love 12 July 2013
Man's Glory 20 July 2014
Moderation 25 Aug 2003
Our Minds Control Us 12 Dec 2013
Oil & Water Gifts and Love 1994
Overlook Instead of Judge 20 July 2014
Pagan Holidays (Easter and Christmas)
Power In the Blood
Pebble On The Beach How our faith grows. 1977
Prayer How it works © 1996
Rebuking Satan the Biblical Way 1992
Prayer That God Kept
Results of Fear 2012
Salvation How to accept Jesus
Satan's Tools How he stops us from being all God wants us to be. 1992
Secret of Learning How to make better grades in school 1957
700 Club Prayer Counselor what God showed me 1981-1983
Silence is not Golden 1966
Thorns People who are thorny. 1982
The Only Unforgivable Sin Jan 8, 2013
Trinity The Father, Son & Holy Spirit are one God. 1982
The Folded Napkin What it means
The Power of the Resurrection What is it and how do we receive it?
Things Burned & Things That Endure "You don't have to do anything."
Usefulness Have you ever felt used
Vine & the Branches   June 15, 2013
Vote God's Will
Walk In Wisdom  Aug 1 2016
Walking in the Spirit How to walk in the Spirit 1993
What is Common to Man Dec 30 2014
Who/What is Your Idol/God  August 2 2016
Why Jesus Cursed the Fig Tree  January 30 2017
Why Sodom was really destroyed Are we as a nation in danger? 2000
Who Should we follow (Pastor, Teacher, Priest, Councilor, etc) Jan 1, 2013
Why Nations Fall Jan 6, 2014
Wrong Perceptions April 12, 2014
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Music "The Other Side" by Ann Murray  Picture: Fran's Bible put in a walnut shell made by Frances M. Meservy