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I could not find a book on the vitamin or mineral content of foods.  I spent about 3 years searching the internet & libraries getting a little information here and some there.  I put it all together and listed the vitamins in each recipe.  I did not put the amount of each vitamin that is in each recipe because I do not know how to do that.  I figure we will at least have an idea of what is in our food and what the vitamins and minerals do to our bodies when we eat them. 

Important information about the food you eat and the food you don't eat

Benefits of Tea                                Gout - what you should not eat

Breakfast                                                Conversion Table

Bread                                                      Dishwasher Savvy

Bread Ingredients                                    Needful things

Carbohydrates                                         Abbreviations

Chlorophyll in                                       Tips For Diabetics



Mable Syrup                                Healthy Tips from other sites: 

Mushrooms                            Web MD rating Oils  

Nutrition                                      Web MD Cholesterol Lowering Nuts   

Olive Oil                               Web MD Cholesterol lowering Grain

Onions                                  Web MD Best Omega 3 foods      

Poultry Facts                                Worst Healthy Foods    

Pork Facts                                    Diabetes & Dieting



Salad Ingredients





Sugar & Sugar Substitutes   

Vitamin food sources    

Vitamin B complex    

Vitamins and Minerals

Wheat & Peanut Butter


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